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The Block Island Health Services Fundraising Committee and Board thank the hundreds of community members who made the July 16 Block Island Medical Center 25th Anniversary Gala successful. We especially want to thank Honorary Co-Chairs, Nancy Greenaway and Mary Donnelly, and Pat and Tom Doyle, Margie Comings, and Kimberly and Norman Ward for their extraordinary effort. We are forever grateful to Rick Foreman, Bruce Johnson, the Block Island Maritime Institute, and the Medical Center Staff (past and present) for making the event spectacularly successful.  We appreciate the hard work of the Kitchen, Bar and Tent Crews (Sam and Linda Spak, Pat and Sandy Kelly, Jack Lynch, Gail and Mike Dugan, Lisa Omerle, Bruce and Audrey Comings, Jeanne and Bill Stax and Rick Lysik, Dave Schaller, John Desmarais, Gary Delaney, Jake Hall, Jim Hinthorn, and Brian Lenoci, among others), decorators Sharon Lehman and Karen Duale, and musicians Cameron Greenlee and Megan Hennessey. We honor the Rescue Squad (past and present) and Bill and Lois Bendokas of New England Airlines. We thank the many hundreds of people who built and nurtured the Medical Center for the last 25 years. We look forward to the next 25 years of care. The night was perfect and support for the Block Island Medical Center unequivocal.  Almost $70,000 was raised to help the Block Island Medical Center; more than 400 tickets were sold; 600 raffle tickets were sold by the committee at the BIG and Farmers’ Market; the weather was perfect; over 60 silent auction and silent auction items were donated by businesses and individuals; the food was extraordinary; it was a perfect example of what we together can do for the common good on Block Island. 


Sue Hagedorn, Fundraising Chairperson,
Cindy Baute, President, and the entire BIHS Board