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BIHS Nurse Manager Linda Closter will host FREE Flu Clinics at the Medical Center:

  • Monday November 6, 2 pm-4 pm
  • Thursday November 9, 2 pm-4 pm

    at the Senior Luncheon
  • Tuesday, November 7, at noon


Who should get the Flu Shot?
Everyone 6 months of age and older, including pregnant women, should get a flu vaccine every season.   The reason a shot is needed every season is because the Flu virus changes every year and the vaccine is updated to best match each year’s strain of Flu in order to provide the best chance of protection. 

Are Some People More at Risk for Complications and Serious Illness?
While most people who get the Flu will recover after one to two weeks, some will experience severe illness requiring hospitalization.  Very severe cases can result in pneumonia, heart infection (myocarditis), brain infection (encephalitis), organ failure, or even death. 

Vaccination to prevent influenza is particularly important for children younger than 5, adults over 65, and those with chronic conditions like COPD, asthma, kidney or liver disease.  In addition, all health care workers and people who care for very young children and infants should be sure to get vaccinated to prevent spreading the Flu to those they care for.