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If you’re like me, the past week or so has been a little overwhelming. As we move into moments that feel unprecedented, higher levels of uncertainty and stress are coupled with feelings of isolation and fear of our community. None of us have the benefit of knowing how long this will last or how widespread it all might get. There are many unknowns and variables that are out of our control. The way I see it, we have two choices: give in to the feeling of helplessness or take back our power in a productive way.

All this has me thinking about the way these life events can throw us off our wellness game in a big way. For one thing, it certainly messes with our routine. Maybe your favorite exercise class or weekly wellness visit has been cancelled. Or maybe, since so much news is constantly being funneled at you, it feels hard to make time in the day for something just for you. So in a situation where it feels like we simultaneously have no time and too much time, here are my three most important wellness related things to remember each day: 

1. Go outside. We live in a really beautiful place. This can be easy to forget if you’re feeling a little trapped. Get out in the yard, get on a trail, walk the beach…do whatever you can do safely and comfortably.

2. Check on your neighbors. I’m not suggesting we break our social distancing rules by dropping in on folks. However, I do think it’s important to remember that people still exist. Pick up the phone and give someone a call who you haven’t seen around town. Help keep us all connected

3. Make decisions with your community in mind. What makes Block Island such a great place to live along with the beauty is the eclectic, multigenerational community. It can be difficult to avoid the trap of thinking of every person for themselves, but we are much more effective when keep the whole in mind. This is not purely philosophical but plays out in very tangible ways. From respecting public spaces and following guidelines/recommendations to buying only what you NEED at the grocery store.

Throughout this experience, it’s important we stay firmly grounded in reality. It might get worse before it gets better. I’d love to start a community conversation about what your self care looks like during these days. Additionally, feel free to share any resources that you’ve found inspirational or helpful. Reach out to me by responding to this newsletter or on my personal email. Stay well.

Alison Warfel, MEd., ATC, LAT

BIHS Operations Chief, Director of Wellness & Risk Reduction