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Lights of Love 2021


Rebecca and Alberto Acosta


Linda, Liz, and Mary D.

celebrating the Lehmans, thank you for 
being nice.

We come to BI every summer and are grateful that the 
BI medical center is on island. 
Thank you!

David & Erin Argento

Leslie Ariail
David and Dottie Graham

Becky and Mike Ballard

Cindy Baute
in memory of 
Peter Baute MD and Joseph Baute

Robert and Barbara Baute
in memory of
Dr. Peter Baute

Julie Sniffen and Nathaniel Beale

David and Dede Beck 
With thanks to Doug Michel & Geoffrey Rigby-Leather

Jason and Karen Boyea

Elliott Brodsky

Dean and Bev Brown
celebrating the
Block Island Medical Center
We are grateful for all you do!!!

Dora Burak
in memory of
Barbara Burak

Nelson and Stephanie Clayton
in memory of
Donald & Margaretta Clayton

Stephen and Jean Cleary

The Cohen Family
Brian and Marie Langdon
(Grandpa & Mormor)
celebrating the
Medical Center staff who have provided 
excellent care.  
Thank you!

Chris and Tara Coleman

Francis Coleman

Bill and Margie Comings
celebrating their granddaughter
Emma Comings

Wendell and Donna Corey
in memory of
Tobee McMellon

Jim and Brenda Crane

Robert and Nancy Cudd
honoring the
BIVFR for 8.26.21

Tom and Mercedes Danevic

Judy Debrandt

Claudia Desantis-Whitaker

Marguerite Donnelly
to celebrate mom, Mary D., on her 94th
Birthday! Love, Marguerite

Mary and Marguerite Donnelly
for Karen Duale, always a light of caring 
and giving in support our B.I. community.
Love, Marguerite and Mary D

Mary and Marguerite Donnelly
for Donna and Wendell for all you do for 
our B.I. community!
Love, Marguerite and Mary D.

Rita Draper
in memory of
Steve Draper

Karen Duale
celebrating the
BI Medical Center doctors and staff

Karen Duale
Mary and Marg Donnelly

Jan England
in memory of late
husband Harry

Jimmy and Wendy Ernst

Michael and Katie Feeks
celebrating the entire
BIMC Staff

Richard and Andrea Feldman

Connie Finn
With thanks to the
Staff for their kindness to Steve

Kenn and Kimberly Fischburg
Sharon Weinberg - for her service and 
commitment to Block Island Health Services

Jeanne and Robert Forbes

John and Pam Gasner
Dr. Walter & Shirley Gasner

Stan and Cindy Geer
Robert and Mary Geer

Bill and Marlene Gilmour

Martin Gornstein

Maurice Gourdon

Michael and Amy Greenberg

Peter and Katherine Gross
Geoffrey Lawrence

John and Melissa Gruen

The Guerry Family
Bill and Sandra Hannan
Happy Holidays!

The Hantman Family

Ann Henault

Pamela and Jim Hinthorn
Sally Stephens

Fred and Debbie Howarth
in memory of
Ernie and Rita Sherman

Joanne Hutchins

Laura Ingraham

Carole Kalba

Carl Kaufmann

Lawrence and Victoria Kikuchi

Bob and Dianne Koopman

The Lapham Family
impressed with how the
Medical Center handled the pandemic

Gibbs and Jane Lamotte

Brian and Marie Langdon
BIHS Staff

Geoffrey Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Murphy,
The Gross/Thorne Family,
Michael Oppenheimer-Leonie Haimson,
Malcolm and Nancy Greenaway,
Heineman Family,
Gary Ryan and Family

Richard and Dee Lawrence

Cara Lee-Shuff
in memory of
Peter Blane

Kay and Keith Lewis
honoring the Island Medical Team:
BIHS, Rescue, Disaster Management, and all the volunteers

Robin Lewis
Edith Littlefield Blane

Maymey, Gogo, Shirls, and Blueheat

Celebrating ❤️ CFL, we are so proud of you.

Paige Linda
Kay Lewis
Thank you for your kindness and help.

Paige, Josh, and Clayton
celebrating Kathy Mellor
happy birthday, we love you!

Joseph and Lynn Loya
Joseph Loya

Harley and Kit Manning
Bill Loftus

Kay Marcoux
Chick Marcoux

Michelle Marino

Linda and Robert Mast

Millie McGinnes
in memory of
Cliff McGinnes, Jr

Chuck McMellon

Robert and Susan Mellstrom

Nancy Metzler
in honor of her sister
Kay Lewis
Merry Christmas, wishes for the best for 
Health Services in 2022

Doug and Barby Michel
Mary D. and Marguerite Donnelly

Miller Floyd and Meg Miller

Kenneth and Elizabeth Moss

Mary and Philip Murphy
Geoffrey Lawrence

Joe and Mary Najmy
Joseph and Teresa Giardina

Bill and Shirlee Neil
William Neil Sr.

Janet Nelson
in memory of
Walter C. Nelson

Muriel and Fred Nelson

Wade and Jane Ortel
in memory of
Betty Fitzpatrick

Bill Padien
in thanks and gratitude for all the 
contributions Millie McGinnes makes to the Health Services and all of Block Island

Pamela and Anna Pearce

Jon and Janie Peterson

Blake and Michele Phelan
Tracy Fredericks and Sarah Mott

Carolyn Powers
Dr. Bob

Bob Powers
Sally Powers

Judith Rose
in memory of
Robert E. Rose

Michael and Naomi Rosenfeld

Nancy Ruddle
in memory of
Frank Ruddle

Dorothy and Robert Rule

Erica and Walter Russo

Peter Blanchard and Mary Schwoerer
❤️Henry Tremblay

The Serio Family

Daniel & Heather Shea

Jon and Kathleen Shearin

Dan and Susan Shedd
Gerry Doyle
Happy Holidays! dan + susan

David and Priscilla Shepherd

Michael and Margaret Simonetti

Arietta Slade and Sam Felder

Beverly Sniffen
to honor the life
James Sniffen

Nancy Stankiewicz
John Morehouse

Gail and Bailey Stewart

John and Blakely Stinebaugh

The Tenney Family
celebrating the
people and practitioners on the Island

Angus and Darcy Thurrott
Block Island Medical Center You ALL are Great!!
Happy Holidays to All- Angus and Darcy

Ann Tickner

Carrie Todd

Patrick and Kris Toomey

Andy and Hillary Transue
in honor of
the medical center

Kathryn and Jonathan Wallen
Commitment to the Island

Sedgwick and Pamela Ward

Harvey Waxman and Susan Feldman

Susan Weissman
in memory of
Richard and Maylah Park

Susan Weissman
in memory of
Simone Atwood

Bette Wilkes and Stephen Wilkes

Neil and Dawn Worrall

Douglas and Joanna Wright

Suzanne Wright

Elfriede Yoder
Happy and healthy 2022!  Thank you to all who help support the Block Island Medical Center in so many ways.  As we continue to receive donations and tributes, we will update this list.