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The Mission of the Block Island Medical Center

Our mission is to promote the health, well being and safety of the residents and visitors of Block Island. We are committed to providing expert primary, urgent and emergency medical care for the adults and children of Block Island, 24 hours each day, every day of the year. We serve as a source of education and public outreach.

This mission requires BIHS to be an integral and responsive part of the Block Island community and our success depends on the generosity and support our donors and volunteers.

In order to affect our mission:

  1. We begin with our staff at the Medical Center who work to create a culture that is respectful, safe and supportive.
  2. We provide outstanding, evidence-based health care in a compassionate and professional environment while respecting the dignity and privacy of all.
  3. We serve as as a medical home that effectively coordinates health care for our patients.
  4. We provide state-of-the-art, life and limb preserving resuscitative care for acute conditions including trauma, stroke, heart attack and infection.
  5. We collaborate with other professionals and organizations to coordinate rapid and safe transfer of care when necessary for injured and ill patients via air, marine or ground transport to appropriate mainland facilities.
  6. We collect epidemiologic data and actively listen to the community to identify and proactively address ongoing and new health care, public health and safety needs.
  7. We collaborate with community leaders, local organizations and the Town of New Shoreham to integrate and support initiatives that promote optimal health, safety and well-being of island residents and visitors.
  8. We identify and prioritize vulnerable and at risk individuals and groups.
  9. We provide health education at the community level.
  10. We are actively involved in teaching and clinical education of resident physicians, medical students, nurse practitioner and PA students. We are a clinical teaching site of the Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University.
  11. We provide ongoing education and training for Block Island Fire and Rescue personnel.
  12. We collaborate with local, state and federal agencies to benefit the health and well being of BI residents and visitors.
  13. We provide care for all, regardless of ability to pay.
  14. We serve the community with the highest level of skill while continuously striving for improvement.
  15. We serve as honorable stewards of the resources entrusted to us by our community, volunteers and donors.