General Information

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Block Island Health Services has cared for island residents and visitors with compassion and integrity since 1989. 

The Medical Center is a licensed ambulatory care facility striving to provide exceptional, patient-centered and evidence-based care in a confidential, respectful and caring environment.  We extend and integrate care through our partnerships with visiting specialists and through a mainland referral network.  The Center exists solely to ensure the health, safety and well being of island residents and visitors.  It is the sole provider of health care on Block Island.

The facility provides a reception area, provider offices, three examination rooms, a resuscitation/trauma bay, a laboratory and an x-ray suite for patient care.  Oversight for medical services and the clinical area is provided by the medical director.  The medical team consists of a board certified emergency medicine physician, a board certified family medicine nurse practitioner, and a registered nurse.  The Center is a teaching site of Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine, and frequently hosts visiting medical students and resident physicians who take part in the care of patients.  Primary, urgent and emergent care services are provided to patients of all ages.

The Center contains 2 dental/orthodontic offices and several consultation/treatment rooms on the lower level for integrative medical services such as physical therapy, podiatry, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.  These areas are used by our regularly visiting practitioners.

The number of patients seen daily is greatest from June through October during which time The Center frequently sees more than 50 patients during the day with multiple emergency calls off hours.   The Center is a teaching site for the Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University and medical students and resident physicians take part in patient care under direct supervision of our Providers.  During the shoulder and off-season months, the focus of care shifts to primary and preventive care for patients of all ages in addition to urgent and emergency visits.  Home visits are made by the medical team throughout the year on an as needed basis.

In general, patients call in advance for an appointment when possible.  Urgent care patients are seen as needed.   Patient arrive to the Medical Center on their own or with the assistance of the Block Island Volunteer Rescue Squad.

The Medical Center facilitates emergency air and marine transport of emergent patients to mainland receiving facilities.  The Block Island Rescue Squad, Interstate Navigation, The US Coast Guard, New England Airlines, and the regional helicopter and ambulance services—are all important partners who take part in the transport of our critical patients.   There is an ongoing mutual-aid agreement with the Westerly Ambulance Corporation.

The Medical Director is responsible for oversight of the clinical and administrative staff, the quality of care and the overall functioning of the medical Center.  The Medical Director reports to the the BIHS membership-elected Board of Directors.  The Professional Advisory Committee endeavors to support the mission by making its recommendations to the Board of Directors.  It is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

The number of patients seen daily is greatest from June through October during which time The Center frequently sees more than 50 patients during the day with multiple emergency calls off hours. Brown medical students and residents assist with patients under the supervision of the physician and working with the nurse practitioner.

In general, patients call in advance for an appointment when possible.  Urgent care patients are seen as needed.

The Medical Center and Block Island Rescue Squad, in conjunction with Interstate Navigation, the ferry company, New England Airlines, and the regional helicopter and ambulance services, arrange for and provide emergency medical transport to mainland hospitals, when critical care is needed.

Block Island Health Services is managed by the Medical and Executive Directors with the oversight of the BIHS Board of Directors (2 members are elected in a public election every 4 years and 2 are appointed by town council and rescue). It is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.


The organization is funded through patient revenues including insurance reimbursements.  The Center relies on the generous support of our donors.  The Center engages in a number of events and direct mail appeals to supplement funding.  It is also supplemented by grants.  The Town of New Shoreham provides financial support to the Medical Center.

Hours of Service

The Center is open for appointments:
Monday – Friday (September – May 9:00am through 3:00pm)
(June – September 9:00am through 5:00pm)

 Ways to Support the Center

Make a contribution through PayPal. GO THERE NOW –>
Attend an event GO TO OUR EVENT CALENDAR –>
Become a member BECOME A MEMBER NOW –>
Remember a friend or family member with a gift to the Center GO THERE NOW –>

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