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Block Island Medical Center Services

We offer a full range of medical services on-site

Adult Primary Care

As an adult primary care patient of Block Island Medical Center, we strive to make your annual wellness visit and physical exam as comfortable and informative as possible. We will measure your biometrics (including height/weight/BMI), vital signs, review your medical and family history, and perform a comprehensive physical exam and other office-based tests (such as EKG or urinalysis) as deemed necessary by our providers. We will perform indicated blood tests which are processed in one of our local lab partners on the mainland and we will follow up on with you on all test results.  Patients have direct access to their test results through the BIHS patient portal.  You may also receive counseling on preventative health screening tests (including colonoscopy or mammogram) and make plans to schedule an appointment for testing at one of our referral hospitals on the mainland. We will facilitate referral to specialty services as needed.

Behavioral Health – Resources

Block Island Health Services:  401-466-2974

Gateway Emergency Services:  401-364-7705 

NAMI – Block Island (National Alliance on Mental Health – BI Chapter):

HelpLine: 1-800-960-9264   OR   Text ‘NAMI’ to 741-741

In an emergency, CALL 911.

Geriatric Primary Care

As our population ages, the importance of geriatric primary care has become an undeniable reality.  At Block Island Medical Center, we offer specialized annual wellness visits and physical examinations for our patients over 75 years of age. In addition to reviewing your medical history, completing a detailed physical exam, and reviewing the results of any office-based tests (such as radiographs, EKG or urinalysis), you and your provider will have the opportunity to discuss topics including but not limited to fall prevention, mental health, and advance care planning. We will perform indicated blood tests which are processed in one of our local lab partners on the mainland and we will follow up on with you on all test results.  Patients have direct access to their test results through the Quest Labs website as well as through the BIHS patient portal which we are implementing in early 2016    We will partner with you to promote healthy aging and to address your age related health concerns and those of your loved ones.

Integrative Care

In keeping with our mission of patient wellness, we at the Block Island Medical Center offer in-house and referral services for acupuncture, massage therapy, nutrition, and physical/occupational therapy.  By addressing the full range of physical, mental, emotional, and environmental influences affecting health, we hope to achieve an optimal state of well-being for our patients.

Pediatric Primary Care

Although they are small, children’s health is a big priority at Block Island Medical Center. We offer family-centered, coordinated care for our island’s children and our providers are trained to care for even the youngest patients. Well-visits for infants, toddlers, and young children will include discussions of your child’s general well-being, development, behavior, and scheduled immunizations; older children and adolescents visits will may include discussions about school performance/extracurricular activities, drugs & alcohol, and sexual health.  Children will  receive age-appropriate physical examinations, preventive health screening, vaccinations and ancillary testing if needed.  Our Board Certified Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine providers are well-equipped to provide evidence based care for your child.

Preventive Care/Wellness

Although we are dedicated to addressing your medical needs, our staff believes that it is vitally important to treat the entire person and not just his/her disease. As a patient at Block Island Medical Center, therapeutic and lifestyle counseling will be incorporated into your health care plan. To that end, we will partner with you to promote stress reduction, proper exercise and healthy eating habits, smoking cessation, substance misuse, and mental health screening.

Urgent Care And Emergency Care

In addition to functioning as a pediatric, adult, and geriatric primary care center, Block Island Medical Center cares for patients with urgent and emergent medical and trauma needs. Our providers are experienced in handling medical emergencies including stroke, heart attack,  accidents and  trauma and serious or life-threatening infections.  We are skilled in providing the state of the art emergency care necessary to stabilize patients quickly, and to transfer them safely by air or sea to one of our partner tertiary care facilities on the mainland. Our doctor and nurses are equally skilled at managing acute traumatic injuries and performing emergent procedures such as wound repair, fracture care, or spinal immobilization.  We provide x-ray services on site.  Finally, in the case of severe illness or injury, our providers are experts in assisted ventilation & intubation and advanced cardiac & traumatic life support.

Emergency Medical Services

The heroes of Block Island Volunteer Rescue

The heroes of Block Island Volunteer Rescue

The Block Island Rescue Squad was founded in 1950 by a group of residents concerned for the safety and wellbeing of their friends and neighbors. To this day, the Block Island Rescue Squad continues to provide professional, patient-centered emergency care to the island’s year-round residents and  seasonal visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The rescue squad currently consists of 21 members who serve their community diligently, often setting aside their personal and professional responsibilities to help a fellow resident in need. The strength of this dedicated group is deeply rooted in being active members of the community that they serve—it is not an uncommon occurrence for your neighborhood grocer to also be your first responder!

Interested in becoming a member of the Block Island Rescue Squad?

In order to join the Block Island Rescue Squad, you first need to become a member of the Block Island Fire Department. To do so, please attend one of the monthly fire meetings (every 2nd Monday at 7PM at the fire station) & complete an application. After a 30-day waiting period, you will be voted in as a member, after which you can join the rescue squad.

To join the rescue squad, you must be 16 years of age or older (if under 18 years, you will need a parent’s or guardian’s permission).  After attending a rescue meeting (held 1st Thursday of each month at 7:30PM at the fire station), you will be trained initially as a first responder (basic first aid and CPR) and if you are interested, can complete additional training to become certified as a emergency medical technician (EMT).

For more information on joining the Block Island Fire Department and Rescue Squad, please contact Beth Rousseau (Fire Department Secretary/Rescue Training Officer) at 466-3220.

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