Ph: 401.466.2974 | Fax: 401-466-5476 | DIAL 911 IN AN EMERGENCY

The Block Island Medical Center is a Primary Care Facility providing community health care, able to handle urgent and emergent needs. Through our in-house providers, partnerships with visiting specialists, and a mainland referral network, the Medical Center helps ensure the health, safety, and well-being of island residents and visitors.


The Medical Center is open for appointments:

Monday – Friday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

Please be aware that we are first and foremost a primary care facility. During regular business hours please call the Medical Center for an appointment at (401)-466-2974. 

After-hour needs, please call (401)-466-3220 to be triaged for further guidance, or 911 for emergencies. 



Adult Primary Care, Behavioral Health, Geriatric Care, Integrative Care, Pediatric Care, Preventative Care/Wellness, Urgent and Emergent Care.  We offer acupuncture, chiropractic services, dental, massage, orthodontic, physical therapy, and more.



The Block Island Medical Center is a non-profit 501(c)3.  We are a primary care facility able to care for urgent and emergent needs.  Patient volume increases in the busy summer and shoulder seasons, but the Medical Center provides medical care every day of the year. Your financial support of the Medical Center will ensure that critical care is available when you, your family, and your friends need it.

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Block Island is a special place. Special for its pristine beaches and stunning scenery, its salty air and starry nights. And it’s special for its community. Block Islanders have a history of taking care of their home and community.

The Block Island Medical Center has been an indispensable part of sustaining the island as a viable year-round community and an internationally known tourism destination.


Visiting Clinical Residents & Students

Bri Hartman, MD (she/her)

Medical Resident – Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA

Hometown: Parker, CO

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Fun Fact: I have a gray rescue husky-poodle dog with two different colored eyes (one blue and one brown!) named Zooey!

Emily Falanga (she/her)

2nd-Year Physician Assistant Student – University of Saint Joseph

Hometown: Westborough, MA

Specialty: Primary Care

Post-Grad Plan: Primary care in a medically underserved community

Fun Fact: I have an 8-month-year-old golden retriever puppy named Brady!

Dorothy Beuning (she/her)

4th Year Medical Student, Brown Medical School

Hometown: Pinckney, MI

Specialty: Family Medicine

Post-Grad Plan: Family Medicine residency, likely in the Midwest or on the West Coast.

Fun Fact: I love any outdoor activity; whether it’s hiking, fruit picking, kayaking, or casual bike rides.

Cicely Krebill (she/her)

4th Year Medical Student, Brown Medical School

Hometown: Fairway, KS

Specialty: Family Medicine

Fun Fact: I once participated in Ragbrai, a week-long bike ride and camping trip across the state of Iowa!

We have a unique and storied history.

Watch a documentary by Seedworks Films about the history and making of the Block Island Medical Center, from its farmhouse roots to the present day. Yes, with appearances by Mary Donnelly, RN.

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In accordance with DOH requirements for healthcare facilities to post vaccination status, 100% of BIHS staff members are fully vaccinated.  (8/31/21)