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We are pleased to announce an addition to the nursing staff at the Medical Center:  Claire McElderry, RN, BSN. Many of you know Claire as a longtime resident of Block Island and may have had the pleasure of meeting her at the Medical Center while she was working towards her nursing degree. Claire earned her Master’s in Natural Resource Science from the University of Rhode Island in 1999 and returned for a BS in Nursing in 2018. Claire has worked in the Surgical ICU at Rhode Island Hospital for the past 18 months and is pleased to return to work with the Block Island community beginning in August.

As most have already heard, Linda Closter, RN has decided to retire from BIHS and she will be greatly missed. Linda has gone above and beyond for her patients and worked tirelessly to serve the community.  Not only does she serve at the Medical Center Monday through Friday, she also volunteers her time after hours and on weekends when the need for patient care arises. Words cannot express the appreciation we have for her service and dedication.

Claire worked alongside Nurse Manager Linda Closter over the past 2 years and will continue to collaborate with her until Linda officially retires on September 1.  The wisdom and institutional knowledge that Linda imparts to Claire will be invaluable, and the Medical Center is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of care for our patients while ensuring a smooth transition in nursing care.

Linda’s support and dedication to the Medical Center, and to the health and wellbeing of her patients, will forever be appreciated; we hope all of you will join us in honoring Linda in retirement, and congratulating Claire on her achievements and new position.

With gratitude,

The Entire Staff of the Block Island Medical Center