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Due to Covid-19 the Block Island Medical Center could not decorate our walls with the 2020 Lights of Love for people to come visit. However, we can put them on our site.  Thank you to all those who donated to the Lights of Love Campaign and thank you to all who do so much for our wonderful community.

Debido al Covid-19, el Block Island Medical Center no pudo decorar nuestras paredes con las Luces del Amor 2020 para que las personas vengan a visitarnos. Sin embargo, podemos ponerlos en nuestro sitio. Gracias a todos los que donaron a la campaña Lights of Love y gracias a todos los que hacen tanto por nuestra maravillosa comunidad.

Lights of Love 2020
Rebecca and Michael Ballard
Cindy Baute
In memory of Peter Baute and honoring BIHS Staff
Betty and Carvel Bevans
Cliff McGinnes, Jr. and John Connell
Edith Blane
Edward J. Blane
Block Island Grocery
In memory of Matthew Helterline, James Balser, and Kelsey Gallant
David and Diane Boston
John and Sharon Bradbury
Block Island!
Kate and Wayne Bragg
Anne O’Reilly and Annita Broberg
In memory of John Jacobsen, Sr.
Dean and Beverly Brown
Linda Closter
Dora Burak
Barbara Burak
Sheridan and Robert Carley
Mary Lou Bourke and Albert Casazza, M.D.
Dana Chase and Kevin MacNeil
Michele Phelan
Anne and Charles Chehebar
Patricia and Orlo Clark
Our love for Block Island
Nelson and Stephanie Clayton
Donald and Margaretta Clayton
Stephen and Jean Cleary
Francis M. Coleman
Carolyn Collins
BI Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Clair, Scott and Emma Comings
Susan Stover and Kay Lewis
Connie and Steve Corbett
BIHS-A Wonderful Job during this Stressful Year!
Wendell and Donna Corey
BIHS Staff
Joanne and Mark Costello
Victor D’Angelo
My wife, Marilyn D’Angelo
Catherine and George Daubek
Judy Debrandt
Corinne and Richard Devereux
Jane Devereux
Past, Present and Future Block Island Nurses
David DeVoll
Dawn Fastiggi and Kenneth Doroski
Karen Duale
BIHS Staff, Doctors and Nurses
John and Vicki Duff
James and Wendy Ernst
Michael and Rebecca Fass
Michael and Katie Feeks
Connie Volante Finn
Steve Finn
Dorrie Napoleone and James Fiorato
Dr. Peter Baute
Kenn and Kimberly Fischburg
David Coffin
Karen Cacace and Michael Flynn
Mary A. Flynn
John and Wendy Formica
Kimberley Gaffett
Dr. Peter Baute
Nat and Paige Gaffett
Lew Gaffett
John and Pam Gasner
Walter and Shirley Gasner
Stan and Cindy Geer
Mary Lou and Emerson Geer
Nicholas and Lori-Beth Giannasca
Martin and Holly Gilligan
Bill Gilmour
Dr. Harold Gilmour and Sara Gilmour, my parents
Nina Stack and Robert Gould
David and Dorothy Graham
Kathie Graham
Ann Gray
The Wonderful BIHS Medical Team and Staff
Dr. Robert and Susan Greenlee
Steve Draper
Peter Thorne and Katherine Gross
Geoffrey Lawrence
Bruce Grossman
Elizabeth, Kevin and Tim Conner
Richard and Sharon Gunzel
Mary Stover and Nancy Pike
Barbara Hall
Loved Ones
Aaron Hantman
Dina Brewster and Garth Harries
Perry and Patti Harris
BI Medical Center-Thanks for all you do!
Richard Hayes, Sr. and Richard Hayes, Jr.
Celia Pinzi and Mark Healey
Rich Tretheway
Dennis and Gail Heinz
Steve Draper and Donny McKennon
Geoffrey Rigby-Leather and Charlotte Herring
Linda Closter and BIHS Staff
Stuart and Denise Hilger
Pamela and Jim Hinthorn
Sally Stephens and Steve Draper
John and Barbara Hirsch
RI State Trooper Kate Hirsch
Diane Holdridge
Samuel Holdridge
Barbara and Roger Holmes
Frederick and Deborah Howarth
Ernie and Rita Sherman
Jennifer Crary and Margery Izard
Carole Kalba
Mary Maraschiello and Jonathan Kastner
Naomi Kerest
Dr. Warcup and Laurie Anderson and Claire, Kyra, Alison, Jan, Greta, Susan & Elsa
Lawrence and Victoria Kikuchi
Lynn and Frank Kling
Fred and Amy Knous
Mark and Kim Kondracki
Robert and Dianne Koopman
Steve Draper
Anna Kurz
In Memory of Kyra and Fedio Bostroem
Diane and David Lamb
John D. Dutra
Gibbs and Jane Lamotte
Brian and Marie Langdon
Medical Center Staff
Jeanne and William Latva
Matthew Swienton, Billy and Lorraine Stoner
Geoffrey Lawrence
Phil and Terri Murphy, Linda Closter and Liz Dyer, and In Memory of Royal Bruce Montgomery and Frank Leslie
Suzanne and Jim Lee
Brian and Cookie Lenoci
Our Parents
Mimi Leveille
Linda Closter, Mary D, Liz Dyer
Kay and Keith Lewis
Our Wonderful Medical Team and Staff, Cindy and Tony Pappas, and Doug and Barby Michel
Robin Lewis Vila
Edie Blane, Cindy Lemon, Carolyn Collins, and Claire Costello
Arnold and Susan Licht
In memory of Thurston and Nina Merriman
Laura Will and Joe Lipscomb
Geoffrey and Esme Little
Joseph and Lynn Loya
Robert and Lynn Lucier
Grandpa and Grandma Littlefield
Don MacKay
Jean A. MacKay
Timothy Maher
Mary Mailloux
Liam Mailloux
Jennifer Maloney and Peter Seka
Dr Paul Maloney, Jr.
Harley and Kit Manning
Bill Loftus
Elizabeth Mansfield-Vierra
William Mansfield, Jr. from his grandaughter
Kenneth Maxwell and Arlene Tunney
Arlene McAleer
Vincent McAloon  
Steve Draper
Mary Ellen McCabe
My late husband, Joseph E Cannon, MD. and my parents Francis and Mary McCabe
Tom and Linda McCaughey
Gail and Robert Hipkins
Millie McGinnes
Cliff McGinnes, Jr
Charles and Tobee McMellon
Edith Mehiel
Ted and Janet Merritt
In memory of Diane Kuebler
Douglas and Barbara Michel
Linda Closter and Mary and Marguerite Donnelly
Anita and Tony Miller
Floyd and Meg Miller
Mitchell and Christine Miller
Susan and Robert Miller
Adrian Mitchell
Linda Closter
Shannon Morgan
Kenneth Moss
BIHS Staff
Andrea Moynier
Sea Breeze Inn
Michael and Margaret Murphy
Thelma Murphy and Mary Tinker
Philip and Terry Murphy (AKA Mom and Dad)
Geoffrey Lawrence
William and Shirlee Neil
Muriel and Frederick Nelson
Brian Neville
Wade and Jane Ortel
Mary D and Marguerite Donnelly
Kathryn Edwards and John O’Sullivan Bryan Wilson
Rev. Anthony and Cynthia Pappas Herman and Linda Mast
Polly Pasternak and Sam Huntington
Petra Tasheff and Roberta Patterson Kay Lewis
John and Lillian Patterson
Chris Patterson
Jon and Mary Jane Peterson
Blake and Michele Phelan
Linda Closter
Ned Phillips Jr and Mary Anderson
Naomi and Joe Kerest
Gail and Gerry Pierce
Dr. Peter Baute and David Coffin
Ed Pinto
Richard and Nancy Plumb
David and Lisa Lawer Post
Jerry and Linda Powers
Robert and Sally Powers
Margaret Radigan
The Wonderful BIHS Medical Team and Staff
Karen and Norman Redlich
Marilyn Rethore
The Rethore Family
Allan and Carolyn Reznick
Blair Roberts and Caren Jacobson
Judy Rose
Robert E Rose
Nancy Ruddle
Frank Ruddle and Peter Baute
David and Lin Russinoff
Linda Closter
Alyce Russo and Steven Schall
Paul and Marian Rypkema BIHS!
David and Susan Schaller
Martin and Ila Manner Schulman
Gregory and Linda Serio
Jon and Kathleen Shearin
Kristin Nevins and Paul Shust
Matthew, Heather, Olive and Thomas Skowyra
Nancy Stankiewicz and John Morehouse
Judy McCarthy, Janice Genero, John & Lou Carlson, and Geoff Briscoe
Glenn and Karen Sweet
Neil & Priscilla Sweet and Ray and Josee Morse
Kurt Syer
Lyle and Heidi Tallmadge
Tom & Carolle Ritzinger
Anthony and Sharon Tanzi
Sharon Tavila
Leslie Logan Taylor
Mary D and Marguerite Donnelly
Elizabeth Thomas
In memory of Deroy Thomas
Angus and Darcy Thurrott
Steve Draper
Ann Tickner
In memory of Hayward Alker
Caroline Todd
Adella Wilson and E.F. Heffnerme
Sue and Ray Torrey
Pat Torrey and James Gaffney
Andrew and Hillary Transue
Steve Draper
Diane Tripler and Donn Frageau
Emma Tripler-Frageau, Jennifer Seebeck, Renee Batchelder and Pam Gasner for the Harbor Church Roll Call Dinner
Candace Turner
Celebrating Family
Renwick Tweedy
BIHS Staff
Jean Valentine
Dr George Valentine and Patty Valentine
Jim and Michelle Valentine
Dr George Valentine and Patty Twickler
Rick Vila
Steve Draper
Robert and Terry Wadsworth Frank Wadsworth
Dr. Kathryn Anastos and Jonathan Wallen
Michael Ward and Suzanne Tsintolas
Charles Tsintolas
Briggs Whiteford
David and Stephanie Williams
Merry Christmas
Susan Wronowski
Janet Infante and Maria Infante